How to Order

How to order the service

  1. Place your order using the online order form. (By Appointment only)
  2. Please make sure to send the photos of your knives via email ( This is very important. Depending on the types of knives, sharpening method and time varies. Please note, if your knife is damaged badly, we may not be able to take your order. An estimate of the service will be informed to you via e-mail.
  3. Some examples of service fees are as follows:
    • Petit knife (up to 3 inches) $6
    • Steak knife (3 – 6 inches) $10
    • Kitchen knife (6 – 9 inches) $12
    • Large Knife (over 9 inches) $17
    • Japanese Knife (Hocho) – Steel or Layer-finish, Ceramic $17
    • Chinese Knife and Butcher Knife $20
    • Bread Knife, $12
    • Repair of chipped knife, rusty knife additional $5 up depending on the condition

(We do not accept scissors, razors, cutting blades, or pizza cutters.)

  1. It usually takes a week to have them sharpened. An express service is also available upon request.

How to drop off and pick up your knives

We offer two methods for how you may deliver your damaged blades to us and for how you may pick up your beautifully restored blades.

  1. You can drop off and pick up your knives at the following locations:
    • TogiMax 5505 Manorfield Rd. Rockville,MD 20853
    • Sushi Taro 1503 17th Street NW Washington, D.C. 20036
  2. “Home Pick-up & Delivery” at your home is available for orders in limited areas, including Rockville, Bethesda, North Bethesda, Potomac and North Potomac.
  3. Please wrap your knives with newspapers or thick paper and use a cardboard box or plastic wrap to secure the knives. Then put them in a bag to transport them safely.

How to pay

At this time, we are only accepting payment using Venmo @Togi-Max, Zelle, personal check and cash.

Contact with any questions.