Knife sharpening service (Free Pick up /delivery in limited areas)

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, MINIMUM order3 knives or more.

Many of us have invested in good knives. But are they sharp enough to perform at their best? It is sensible to keep your knives sharp and in shape.

There is no great chef without great knives. Masaya Kitayama is a Michelin-starred Japanese chef who cares about your knives. Over his 20-plus-years career, cooking Japanese cuisine in Japan and in the United States, he and his sharp knives have been inseparable. He sharpens them every day when his cooking and cleaning have been completed. Now he wants you to benefit from his craft and enthusiasm. Sharp knives will make your cooking experience more enjoyable and your food will taste even better!

It is believed that fine knives are life-long companions of a “master chef,” indispensable for the art of cooking. Therefore, a master chef in Japan (traditional or contemporary) sharpens his/her knives by hand, with care and affection.

Masaya will take care of each one of your knives as if they were his own.